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A Train of Thought for College Sports Training Based on the Integration of Online and Offline

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DOI: 10.25236/icemeet.2023.058


Fei Li

Corresponding Author

Fei Li


With the deepening development of quality education in China, efficient reform and innovation in physical education teaching has become an inevitable choice. In order to better improve the level of physical education teaching in universities, it is necessary to explore. A new development path, the integrated online and offline teaching mode, as a new teaching method, breaks the distance between time and space, meets the subjective initiative and targeted needs of students in physical education learning, and can achieve the goal of strengthening physical fitness and improving sports efficiency. In view of this, this article will focus on analyzing the situation of sports training in universities based on the integration of online and offline, understanding the ideas of sports training, and proposing specific optimization strategies, aiming to better improve the efficient level of sports teaching through the integration of online and offline.


Integrated online and offline; College sports; Training ideas