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Collaborative Growth of Ideological and Political Education in Higher Vocational Schools

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DOI: 10.25236/icemeet.2023.056


Zhe Gan

Corresponding Author

Zhe Gan


The theory of collaborative growth is an important part of ideological and political education (IPE) in higher vocational schools. This article aims to explore the cooperative development path of IPE in higher vocational schools, analyze its necessity and advantages, and put forward corresponding practical ideas, measures and effects. Through research, it is found that there are some problems in the collaborative growth of IPE in higher vocational schools, such as the lack of effective communication and cooperation between educational subjects, the disconnection between educational contents, and the failure to fully integrate and utilize educational resources. In view of the above problems, this article puts forward the following countermeasures and suggestions: first, establish an effective cooperation mechanism to promote communication and cooperation among educational subjects; Second, strengthen the coordination among various courses, activities and practices to form an organic education system; Third, actively integrate the resources inside and outside the school, give play to the synergy and improve the educational effect. Higher vocational schools that implement the cooperative development strategy can significantly improve the effect of IPE and the comprehensive quality of students. In order to provide useful reference for related practice.


Higher vocational schools; Ideological and political education; Collaborative growth