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Liaoning's Cultural Soft Power Construction Policy and Investment Orientation Optimization Based on SWOT Analysis

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DOI: 10.25236/icemeet.2023.053


Baojin Liu

Corresponding Author

Baojin Liu


Culture is the unique soul of a city, and cultural growth is inseparable from urban growth. Cultural soft power is a significant component of enhancing national and regional comprehensive strength, and has significant practical and strategic significance in promoting social and cultural growth. Promoting the high-quality growth of the cultural industry is not only an objective requirement to adapt to the transformation of the main contradictions in the new era society, but also a necessary path to enhance cultural soft power and cultural competitiveness. Improving cultural soft power is a significant manifestation of implementing the socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era, a significant force in promoting high-quality economic growth, and a significant way to enhance comprehensive national strength, enhance national cohesion, shape the image of a great country, and strengthen cultural confidence. Emphasizing the growth of cultural industry construction, promoting the optimization and upgrading of cultural industry structure, and accelerating the diversified integration of cultural industries are effective ways to enhance the construction of national soft power. This article will use the SWOT analysis method as the research foundation, and based on a thorough and systematic analysis of the advantages, disadvantages, opportunities, and challenges of Liaoning's cultural soft power construction, propose relevant strategies that are conducive to Liaoning's cultural soft power construction.


SWOT; Liaoning's cultural soft power; Policy and investment orientation