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Strategies and Practice of Competition in Promoting Innovation in English Education and Teaching Models

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DOI: 10.25236/icemeet.2023.051


Wenrong Wang

Corresponding Author

Wenrong Wang


English skill competition is one of the ways to carry out English education reform. It provides motivation for students to learn and apply English knowledge through competition, enabling them to improve their English learning and promote the development of their comprehensive English literacy according to the needs of English skill competition. This article explores the strategies and practices of competitions in promoting innovation in English education and teaching models. The principles for constructing innovative teaching models mainly include: democratic principles, openness principles, subjectivity principles, and practical principles. Having a strong sense of innovation and a tenacious spirit of innovation is essential for educators. Developing students' non-intellectual factors is a crucial aspect of holistic education. Grasping the interactive relationship between "teaching" and "learning" is the main strategy for constructing innovative teaching models in modern education. The English skills competition provides a good platform and environment for students to learn English. During the process of the English skills competition, students can recognize and motivate themselves, discover their own problems in the English learning process, and engage in self-learning and improvement.


Competition; English education; Innovation in teaching mode; Strategy; Practice