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Assessing the Effectiveness of Psychological Counselling in Educational Settings: A Literature Review

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DOI: 10.25236/icemeet.2023.046


Xianze Zhu

Corresponding Author

Xianze Zhu


Nowadays, the phenomenon of high pressure on students has become the focus of social concern. Once the pressure on young people reaches a critical level, it is easy for them to have a breakdown, which in turn affects their mental health and, worse still, causes them to engage in radical behaviours. Therefore, how to solve the psychological problems of adolescents has gradually attracted the attention of family education and school education. In terms of school education, school counselling services are an important part of ensuring the mental health of students. However, not all school counselling services are effective for students. Some students may need further psychological guidance, which means that school counsellors cannot meet all their needs. The article is mainly built on the discussion of some researches and some factors that may influence the effectiveness of school counselling, including the previous teaching experience of counsellors, ethical issues, the qualification of counsellors, and the socioeconomic status of school. Meanwhile, the assessment of school counselling should be thoroughly tested, in order to achieve a higher accuracy and efficacy of school counselling.


School counselling, psychological conditions, teaching experience