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Exploration of New Methods for Talent Cultivation in Universities

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DOI: 10.25236/icemeet.2023.042


Tao Jin, Hongjuan Zhou, Huihui Xian, Fanyi Meng, Jinglei Cai, Xiaona Qiu

Corresponding Author

Huihui Xian


To realize The Strategy of Building a Strong Aerospace Country and Ocean Power Strategy, it is urgent to cultivate a large number of highly educated talents with correct ideology, solid theoretical knowledge and strong engineering ability. Due to the lack of industry precision of talent training, the traditional talent training mode cannot meet the urgent needs of social development for talents in the defense industry. In response to some problems encountered in the process of talent cultivation in national defense characteristic universities, this article proposes a dual combination talent cultivation model and provides specific solutions to the existing problems. Through practical verification, feedback data indicates that the reform has achieved good results.


Engineering college, Undergraduate talent training, Military-civilian composite talents