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A Study on the Effective and Innovative Teaching Model of College Mathematics

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DOI: 10.25236/icemeet.2023.037


Yabin Tao

Corresponding Author

Yabin Tao


College mathematics is a compulsory and most extensive public basic course for college students majoring in various fields during the college education stage. Mastering this course can gradually cultivate students’ ability to form good logical thinking and transform their perspectives on problem-solving and thinking. In recent years, with the innovative progress of science and technology in China, the role of mathematics in various fields has become increasingly significant. People have become more and more aware that various modern high-tech, after all, belong to mathematical technology in essence. Colleges bear the essential responsibility and mission of cultivating talents for various sectors of society, and it is necessary and crucial to reform and innovate the teaching mode of college mathematics. In this regard, this article first discusses the connotation and requirements of innovative teaching models, then analyzes the problems in current college mathematics teaching, and finally proposes innovative strategies for college mathematics teaching models, hoping to provide reference for relevant colleges and mathematics teachers.


College Mathematics, Innovation in teaching modes, Teaching effectiveness