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Advantages, Difficulties and Path Selection of High-quality Growth of Rural Economy under the Background of Digitalization

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DOI: 10.25236/icemeet.2023.033


Ran Li, Yang Luo

Corresponding Author

Ran Li


Under the background of digitalization, this study deeply discusses the high-quality growth of rural economy. By combining data and theoretical analysis, this paper reveals the advantages and difficulties brought by digitalization to rural economy and the path choice of high-quality development. Research shows that the promotion of information technology, e-business and financial innovation can significantly improve the efficiency and competitiveness of rural economy, while infrastructure, skills training and data security are the main factors restricting its development. On this basis, this study puts forward a series of targeted strategic suggestions, including strengthening policy support and capital investment, establishing a diversified financial service system, promoting agricultural science and technology innovation and industrial upgrading, establishing a sound data security and privacy protection system, and eliminating the digital divide to promote balanced regional development. In order to promote the rural economy to achieve comprehensive, sustainable and high-quality development.


Digitization; Rural economy; High quality development; Industrial upgrading; Path finding