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Discussion on multi-stakeholder public management strategy based on policy network analysis

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DOI: 10.25236/icemeet.2023.032


Yushuo Wang, Liyang Kang, Yiwen Wan

Corresponding Author

Yushuo Wang


By using the method of policy network analysis(PNA), this paper deeply studies the formulation and implementation of multi-stakeholder public management strategies. PNA provides us with a comprehensive understanding of the relationship between stakeholders, revealing the power structure, cooperation mechanism and potential cooperation and conflict points in the process of policy formulation. PNA helps to discover the potential cooperation mechanism among stakeholders and provides support for formulating public management strategies with broad consensus. Collaborative decision-making can not only improve the feasibility of policies, but also reduce conflicts and promote the effective use of public resources. PNA also reveals the important influence of power structure on public management. Knowing who has a dominant position in the policy network and who has a great influence on the control of resources is helpful to understand the power dynamics in the process of policy making, so as to better balance the interests of all parties. The purpose of this study is to provide more profound theoretical support for the formulation of multi-stakeholder public management strategies, and to provide practical suggestions for practical decision-making. Through PNA, it is expected to find a more sustainable and collaborative public management strategy in multi-stakeholder interaction.


policy network analysis; multi-stakeholder; public management