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Research and Practice on the Life Education Training Model for Teachers

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DOI: 10.25236/icemeet.2023.026


Fangde Ren, Hui Liu, Kai Wu

Corresponding Author

Kai Wu


Society's understanding and focus on life education has enhanced, making it a times topic. Life education is directly practiced by teachers. A crucial component of advancing life education is now teacher training. This study develops a life education training model for teachers based on constructionist learning theory and life education theory, including life teacher training objectives, extensive curriculum content, experiential implementation path and collaborative support system. It then verifies and optimizes the model by going back to the classroom. The training effect has been acknowledged by a variety of subjects, and the practice results demonstrate that the life education training mode of primary and secondary school teachers can effectively improve the knowledge level and practical ability of life education, help them to construct life education thinking, and guide teachers to practice consciousness of life education.


Life Education; Teachers Life Education; Life Education Training; Training Model