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A Thesis on the Application of Experiential Reading of Literature in English Reading Literacy Education

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DOI: 10.25236/icemeet.2023.019


Yi Yang

Corresponding Author

Yi Yang


In recent years, with the proposal of core literacy in English discipline, English reading literacy has received increasing attention due to its important position in the core literacy of English discipline and students' language development. However, the current high school English reading teaching only focuses on the improvement of students' reading ability but neglects the cultivation of reading literacy. Therefore, based on the current situation of English teaching in high school, exploring effective English reading teaching methods to develop students' English reading literacy is an important issue that deserves to be pondered by English teaching staff. Experiential reading teaching helps students understand the text better by creating certain teaching situations and practical activities, which is more conducive to students' constructing new knowledge, improving their language ability and reading literacy through experience and perception. Based on this, this study applies the experiential reading teaching mode to the English literature reading classroom, aiming to study the effect of experiential reading teaching mode on students' English reading literacy.


English Language Arts; Core Literacy; Reading Instruction; Experiential; Literature