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Research on Development and Practice of Popular Science Teaching Aid for Programming UAV Based on STEAM Education

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DOI: 10.25236/icemeet.2023.016


Jiaqi Tan, Dezhi Qiu, Zhengliang Li

Corresponding Author

Jiaqi Tan


In recent years, front-line teachers are constantly exploring the teaching mode based on the application technology of robots and drones. However, the current teaching is mainly limited to the teaching of the application technology itself in the traditional mode, rather than using robots and drones as teaching carriers to promote learning and improvement. The cooperative learning and empirical research emphasized by STEAM education are the essential requirements of science and engineering learning. Students are required to help each other, inspire each other and construct knowledge in groups when facing and solving problems. To solve a complex practical problem, it is necessary to rely on the efforts and cooperation of many people. Based on the STEAM education mode and the intelligent modular UAV as the teaching platform, this paper designs a popular science teaching aid for programming UAVs, aiming at cultivating students' programming ability and establishing programming ideas in a programming language with low entry threshold.


Programming UAV; STEAM Education; Teaching Aids