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The Integration Path of Northeast Folk Culture and University Students' Ideological and Political Education

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DOI: 10.25236/icemeet.2023.015


Bo Song

Corresponding Author

Bo Song


In view of the present situation of university students' ideological and political education (IPE), there are some problems, such as single teaching content, outdated teaching methods, weak campus cultural atmosphere, formalization of practical activities and so on. In order to solve these problems, it is necessary to actively introduce the elements of northeast folk culture, innovate the IPE model, and improve the effectiveness and pertinence of IPE. The purpose of this paper is to explore the integration path of northeast folk culture and university students' IPE. First of all, this paper makes an in-depth analysis of northeast folk culture, including its rich content, profound cultural connotation and distinctive regional characteristics. Secondly, it analyzes the present situation and problems of university students' IPE, and expounds the importance and connection of integrating northeast folk culture into it. Finally, specific integration paths are put forward from the aspects of teaching content, teaching methods, campus culture construction, practical activities and the integration of educational resources, aiming at promoting the organic integration of the two, improving the effectiveness of IPE and the comprehensive quality of university students. This study also has certain reference significance and guiding role for the integration of folk culture in other regions and university students' IPE.


Northeast folk culture; Ideological and political education; Fusion path