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Exploration on the Integration of Traditional Chinese Culture into College English in the Context of New Liberal Arts

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DOI: 10.25236/icemeet.2023.010


Lingqi Zhuo, Chunxia Jiang

Corresponding Author

Lingqi Zhuo


The "New Liberal Arts" education and related policies, such as ideological education within courses, require college English courses to proactively adapt. While emphasizing the utilitarian nature of English, it is even more important to fully leverage its humanistic and general education qualities. Efforts should be focused on enhancing students' awareness of learning English and spreading Chinese culture through English and their specialized skills, with an emphasis on bolstering confidence in our national culture. Furthermore, it is essential to naturally integrate the goal of cultivating international talents in the context of the New Liberal Arts into everyday teaching, exploring language teaching that centers around students. The traditional Chinese culture, with its long history and national spirit, not only benefits the humanistic quality of college students but also contributes to their cultural confidence. This is to enhance their international communication capabilities, better conveying China's voice and telling China's stories.


College English; Traditional Chinese Culture; New Liberal Arts; International Communication