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Analysis on the Application of Data Mining in Science and Technology Information Management

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DOI: 10.25236/iceeecs.2018.059


Li Du, Yue Zhang, and Qian Sun

Corresponding Author

Li Du


Science and technology information management has accumulated a great deal of data in its development process while improving the level of economic and social development and promoting the construction of a harmonious society. With data mining techniques, many useful data can be presented to provide reliable decision-making basis for management and decision. However, traditional information processing methods have been unable to cope with large data groups. Therefore, modern information technology must be used to conduct comprehensive research and discover the rules of association between data mining and science and technology information management, and carry on the correlation analysis between the science and technology project, personnel and result, in order to discover and speculate the potential law and relation between science and technology information, provide support in the science and technology information management decision-making, thus help the standardization of science and technology information management.


Science and technology information management, data mining, rules, contact, decision.