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The influence of informatization on Chinese higher education

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DOI: 10.25236/icemeet.2023.008


Jianhua Shan

Corresponding Author

Jianhua Shan


With the invention of the Internet, human beings have entered the information society, which is affecting all aspects of our life. In many ways, it has a greater impact on education, because human education has a history of thousands of years. China being the biggest developing country in the world, with a large number of universities and students. With the help of Internet technology, China has made remarkable achievements in the new century. Therefore, the impact of information technology on China's higher education is extensive. This paper analyzes the promotion role of information technology in China's higher education from the origin of information technology and the characteristics of China's higher education, and finds out some existing problems. The comparison of positive and negative aspects provides some references and suggestions for the sustainable development of higher education informatization in China.


Informatization, Higher education, Influence