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Research on Sports Functional Clothing Assisting Sports Training and Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/icemeet.2023.004


Xiangrong Dong

Corresponding Author

Xiangrong Dong


In recent years, high-tech has entered many fields in China, including the clothing industry. If the clothing industry wants to March into the field of sports, it needs to think deeply about the clothing design and redefine the functional concept of clothing. Clothing with sports function is what the sports community really needs, and it is also the key to ensure the development of sports training and teaching. This paper will discuss the function of sports functional clothing in sports training and teaching, and analyze the functional characteristics of this type of clothing, in order to ensure that sports clothing has more perfect functions and make contributions to the development of sports in China.


Sportswear; Physical training; Functional clothing; Physical education teaching