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Enhancing Biology Education: Development and Application of a ChatGPT-Based Interactive Assis-tance Tool for Student Assignments and Learning Enhancement

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DOI: 10.25236/icemeet.2023.002


Ying Chang

Corresponding Author

Ying Chang


This paper investigates the development and implementation of a specialized CHATGPT-based educa-tional tool, aimed at enhancing the learning experience for students within the biological sciences. The tool integrates a modified version of the Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT) algorithm to provide interactive support through the delivery of customized explanations, feedback for improve-ment, and positive reinforcement for student responses. The efficacy of this tool was evaluated through a comparative study over a six-week period, involving a cohort of students using the tool versus a control group engaged in traditional learning methods. The study measured the impact of the CHATGPT tool on various educational outcomes, including the accuracy of students’ homework assignments, their un-derstanding of complex biological concepts, and overall en-gagement with the coursework. Additionally, students' per-ceptions of their learning experience were assessed through surveys and interviews to capture the qualitative impact of the tool. The findings indicated that students with access to the CHATGPT tool exhibited notable improvements in their ability to articulate responses, demonstrated deeper compre-hension of subject matter, and engaged more robustly with the learning material. This group also reported higher levels of satisfaction with the learning process, crediting the per-sonalized feedback and interactive aspects of the tool for a more engaging and supportive educational experience. De-spite promising results, the study acknowledges limitations such as the small sample size and reliance on self-reported data, which may affect the generalizability of the findings. Future research should focus on long-term studies with larg-er and more diverse populations to validate and extend these preliminary results. The study concludes that the CHATGPT-based tool has the potential to significantly augment the educational landscape of biological sciences, offering a more adaptive and responsive learning environ-ment that could lead to improved educational outcomes and student satisfaction.


ChatGPT, Educational Tools, Biological Sciences, Interactive Learning, Student Engagement