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Challenges and Strategies of Multimodal Translation in Sichuan Red Culture Heritage

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DOI: 10.25236/hecb.2023.032


Ren Jia, Zhang Lingling, Xiang Shanshan, Gong Baiding, Hu Lu

Corresponding Author

Hu Lu


Based on the background of Sichuan Red Culture, this paper discusses the challenges and strategies of multimodal translation under this cultural background. Firstly, it analyses the characteristics of Sichuan Red Culture and the definition and application of multimodal translation. Secondly, in view of the multi-modal elements of language, music and vision in Sichuan Red Culture, the corresponding translation strategies are put forward. Finally, the application value and prospect of multimodal translation in Sichuan Red Culture are summarized.


Multimodal translation, Sichuan Red Culture, Translation strategy, Application