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Characteristic Tourism Development and Village Collective Economic Income from 0 to 1: A Case Study of Fuxing Village in Guer Township, Jinchuan County, Aba Zang and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture

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DOI: 10.25236/hecb.2023.025


Wen Bao, Qian Liu, Yike Zhang

Corresponding Author

Wen Bao


Fuxing Village is the most populous administrative village in Jinchuan County and the seat of the government of Guer Township, inhabited by Zang, Qiang, Hui, Han and other ethnic groups, is a highland ethnic village with a predominance of Zang and multi-ethnic settlements, and is also a demonstration village of ethnic unity and progress in Jinchuan County. On the banks of the Dajinchuan River in the upper reaches of the Dadu River in Jinchuan County, snow pears are everywhere, known as the "hometown of Chinese snow pear ". Fuxing Village has formed an industrial development path guided by rural tourism with ethnic characteristics and supported by ecological seed breeding, and with the development and drive of tourism, the channels for increasing income for the masses have gradually broadened, and their income has increased significantly. The village's collective economic income grew with an annual income of 300,000 yuan, achieving a breakthrough in zero collective economic income.


Characteristic industries, village-level collective, Fuxing Village, Jinchuan County, snow pear