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Research on the Psychological Diathesis Problems of College Freshmen in the Era of Digital Economy and Countermeasures

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DOI: 10.25236/hecb.2023.021


Jing Zhai

Corresponding Author

Jing Zhai


The psychological diathesis of college freshmen has become one of the key problems in the work of colleges. Affected by factors such as society, school and family, as well as the rapid development of digital information era, there are problems such as bewilderment, interpersonal communication obstacles, academic or life pressure, Internet or mobile phone addiction among college freshmen. Therefore, in the era of digital economy, it is necessary to utilize the advantages of digital technology to optimize the mental health education for college students, improve the quality of mental health education, and do a good job in preventing and resolving freshmen’s psychological diathesis problems.


Digital Economy; Freshmen; Colleges; Psychological Diathesis Problems