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Four questions on “China's Economic Corridor”

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DOI: 10.25236/hecb.2023.019


Ximei Liu, Daoqi Xiong, Zahid Latif, Shaobo Zhang

Corresponding Author

Zahid Latif


Corridors cover a part of geographical space consisting of transport routes such as roads, railways, and energy projects. They bring bilateral initiatives, focusing on strategic and geopolitical nodes, and highlight the infrastructure development to raise the living standard of people in both the participant countries. In this study, four broad questions are raised about the “China-Pakistan Economic Corridor”. First, what are the fundamental objectives behind the CPEC initiative? Second, are trade and investments considered a significant task of the project, or will it be a form of Chinese aid not based on an economic gain or loss? Third, besides China and Pakistan, what countries are likely to be the priority targets of economic cooperation? Finally, is CPEC a game changer for Pakistan, or will it be a piece of the road only from China’s border to Gwadar port? The answers to these questions may lead us to understand the objectives and actual worth of the project clearly. The CPEC initiative has sparked much debate and speculation regarding its true objectives and potential impact. Many are eager to understand whether it will truly benefit Pakistan and other countries involved, or if it is simply a strategic move by China to expand its influence in the region. As the project continues to unfold, it will be crucial to closely monitor its progress and outcomes in order to determine its actual worth and impact.


Corridor, game changer, China, Pakistan, bilateral, energy projects