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Reform of Postgraduate Developing Mode within Collaborative Innovation Chain under the Cross-disciplinary Background

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DOI: 10.25236/hecb.2023.015


Hong Xiaobin, Xiao Guoquan, Zheng Guihong

Corresponding Author

Xiao Guoquan


In view of the problems of single mentor system, poor cohesion and coherence of transition between undergraduate and postgraduate, and lack of in-depth integration of industry-university-research in postgraduate developing, this paper explores the collaborative innovation chain mechanism of multi-disciplinary teachers' collaborative guidance, postgraduate student-led, self-research collaboration, and industry-university-research collaborative education. And a postgraduate developing mode within collaborative innovation chain under the cross-disciplinary background has been proposed, so as to comprehensively improve the innovation ability of postgraduate students.


Postgraduate developing Mode, Collaborative Innovation Chain, Cross-disciplinary