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Research on strengthening engineering postgraduate education through the teaching reform of specialized courses

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DOI: 10.25236/hecb.2023.013


Dongmei Liu, Yunhao Pan, Bingfeng Liu, Liang Guo, Ying Zhao, Liangliang Wei, Yue Yang, Jingrui Tang

Corresponding Author

Dongmei Liu


In order to achieve the goal of higher education in engineering colleges and universities to train outstanding engineers, colleges and universities need to carry out targeted engineering education from different stages of undergraduate and graduate students. Strengthening the function of ideological and political education in engineering courses in the teaching of graduate courses is an important way to train excellent engineers with graduate degrees. Taking the "Practice course for technology and engineering of sudden pollution control of water source" as a case study, this paper probes into the idea of organically combining ideological and political education with engineering education in the teaching of professional courses for graduate students, and puts forward the teaching of scientific research and the combination of teaching and scientific research, educational methods and strategies to continuously improve the quality of personnel training. The research results can provide reference for strengthening the construction of graduate courses under the background of engineering education.


Engineering education, Graduate professional courses, Outstanding engineers