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Exploration of Teaching and Application of Medical Imaging Laboratory under the Background of New Medical Sciences

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DOI: 10.25236/hecb.2023.010


Chenyang Shen, Jun Liu, Feiyun Wu, Yinsu Zhu

Corresponding Author

Jun Liu


Under the background of new medical sciences, the application of medical imaging laboratories in the development of imaging disciplines and teaching is observed, and the rationality and necessity of the laboratory settings are discussed. By setting up laboratories with different functional units, experimental sites are provided for the development of medical imaging disciplines and clinical teaching. By providing a multi-disciplinary cross-research experimental environment, disciplinary integration and the cultivation of talents are promoted. In long-term practice and application, a training model of "medical education, research and production" has been formed to improve the quality of talent training and provide support for clinical treatment.


Medical imaging laboratory, Teaching, Talent Training