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Building Emergency Response Capacity for Charitable Service Organizations

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DOI: 10.25236/hecb.2023.007


Gong Quan

Corresponding Author

Gong Quan


The comprehensive and deepening reform has entered the key and difficult period, with various risks and contradictions intertwined. This requires social organizations, including charitable service organizations, to improve their governance system, enhance their governance capacity, and especially strengthen their emergency response capability, in order to respond to unforeseeable public emergencies. Based on literature analysis, this article starts from the challenges faced by charitable service organizations during the COVID-19 epidemic, and proposes targeted measures for building emergency response capacity, including fundraising, emergency plans, internet technology, communication and collaboration. By effectively responding to various unexpected public events, charitable service organizations can play a positive role in the construction of a social governance community.


Charitable service organizations, emergency response capacity, social governance