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Study on a Conceptual Mobile Memory of Interface Designation

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DOI: 10.25236/iceeecs.2018.055


Yanxin Xie, Yanpeng Li, Bo Song, and Chunyu Jiang

Corresponding Author

Yanxin Xie


In the age of data explosion, people have higher requirements for large data storage design, with sufficient storage capacity, high speed, and portability, also a new design for the personalized design of storage devices. Memory is widely used and the market demand is large. Therefore, the development of memory technology is facing new opportunities for diversification. "Faster computing speed and more storage space" is the direction of research and development by scientists around the world in the field of computer storage, and the industry competition for mobile storage devices has been accelerated. Therefore, this design proposes a concept-based mobile memory interface design, the peripheral circuit is simple and the performance ratio is high, which can be ported to a single-chip microcomputer system or an embedded system.


Personalized design, storage device, transplantation.