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Discussion on the practical dilemma and legal regulation path of 3D printing contraband in the era of big data

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DOI: 10.25236/hecb.2023.001


Zhebin Wang, Qijie Lian, Silu Ding, Xuanrui Zhang

Corresponding Author

Zhebin Wang


In view of the huge social security risks faced by 3D printers, China's current government policies and administrative departments have the problems of poor results and backward regulations. By studying the phenomenon of government legal regulation, comparing different government legal regulation models around the world, in-depth study of the logical foundation and legal roots behind the models such as judicial regulations, the overall behavior of government legal regulation has been standardized and improved, on the basis of studying the departmental regulation system, combined with the government's self-regulation ability of legal regulation, the three regulatory models are used in parallel, thus forming a more diversified method of 3D printing regulation and forming an orderly and efficient regulatory space.


3D printing; security risks; Regulatory system; administrative regulation; Self-regulation