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Musical Creation and Performance Analysis of “Saxophone Concerto in E-Flat Major”

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DOI: 10.25236/ehmit.2023.062


Xiang Ge

Corresponding Author

Xiang Ge


In order to fully understand the creative skills and playing techniques of Glazunov's classical saxophone Concerto in E Flat Major, the background materials of Glazunov's era are sought to fully grasp the composer's creative intention. To analyse the performance methods of the works, study the problems encountered in the performance process, find out the key points and difficulties, and put forward solutions, the complete practice methods are summarized, including: breath, performance state, overblowing and so on. According to the actual performance verification, this study is helpful for the improvement of musical emotion expression, basic ability and playing skills.


Glazunov, The Saxophone Concerto in E Flat Major, Saxophone, Performance Analysis, Performance Technique