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Comparative Analysis of Biological Detection and T Test for Body Shape of Students in Different Climate Environments

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DOI: 10.25236/ehmit.2023.061


Xiaohui Zhu, Wenhuan Huang, Wei Zhu

Corresponding Author

Wenhuan Huang


China is a multi-ethnic country, and the healthy growth of students of all nationalities is of great significance to improving the overall quality of the Chinese nation. Different peoples have different living and eating habits, so their health status and body shapes are very different. In order to explore the differences in body shape among adolescents under different altitudes, different climates, different diets and living habits, this paper analyzes the body shape of Xinjiang Uygur and Hainan Li students through survey interviews, literature review, statistical analysis and other methods. This study has identified the main factors affecting the differences in the physical form of the students of the two groups, and on this basis, has targeted the effective implementation of secondary school’s physical education programs; the enhancement of health education and the improvement of students' nutrition methods.


Li Nationality, Uygur, Students, Body Shape, Testing, Control