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Exploration and Thinking of Flipped Classroom Teaching Mode in the Teaching Reform of Local Application-oriented Colleges

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DOI: 10.25236/ehmit.2023.060


Peiping Zhu

Corresponding Author

Peiping Zhu


Compared with traditional teaching methods, flipped classroom has high efficiency of knowledge is an effective teaching mode to adapt to the current social and educational environment. For local application-oriented colleges, the course content focuses on practice, and the teaching hours are generally insufficient. In order to complete the teaching content required by the course with quality and quantity, it is imperative to carry out curriculum reform. Flipped classroom is an effective way. This paper clarifies the connotation of flipped classroom by combing the development history of flipped classroom.This paper expounds the necessity of flipping classroom reform in local application-oriented colleges from the advantages of flipping classroom, improving classroom teaching efficiency, adapting to the talent training environment, and increasing the needs of application-oriented talent training. According to the teaching experience, the author summarizes the problems in the implementation of flipped classroom teaching, and also puts forward the path of flipped classroom teaching reform in local application-oriented colleges, in order to provide reference for solving the current teaching problems.


Flipped Classroom, Teaching Mode, Teaching Reform, Application Type