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The Solution of 2 Common Issues Required for Personal Happy Life

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DOI: 10.25236/ehmit.2023.059


Qing Luo, Shunxia Cao, Jiangbo Chen

Corresponding Author

Jiangbo Chen


By Marxist philosophy, the essence of happiness and the methodology for personal happy life are clearly promoted. Contradiction analysis is applied to solute the 2 common issues. In cognition aspect, the common issue is the essence of happiness, which is satisfactory experience based on material resource. The main content of happiness is the spiritually satisfactory experience with material resource as the basis but only basis, being the secondary content. In practice aspect, contradiction enjoyment is the universal methodology for human to embrace personal happiness. The contradiction enjoyment is manifested as recognize and accept contradictions in cognition, cherish contradictions in emotion, so as to appreciate contradictions in practice.


Personal Happy Life, Marxist Philosophy, The Essence of Happiness, Self Harmony