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Innovation and Implementation Path of Precision Poverty Alleviation Model Based on Big Data

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DOI: 10.25236/ehmit.2023.058


Ting Chen, Zihao Shao, Yi Sun

Corresponding Author

Yi Sun


"Precision poverty alleviation" is a key measure to continue addressing relative poverty and narrowing regional disparities. The use of big data thinking and technology to support the implementation of "precision poverty alleviation" has become a hot topic in academic research and a key focus of government-related management departments. Building on a systematic review of previous research on relevant issues, this article enriches and improves the mechanism of big data support for "precision poverty alleviation" from the perspectives of identifying impoverished households and poverty alleviation models. Drawing on commonly used Critical Success Factors (CSF) and Strategic Objective Integration and Transformation (SST) methods in enterprise information system planning, the article further refines the innovative model and implementation path of big data-based precision poverty alleviation. It also explores the promotion strategy for the construction of the "precision poverty alleviation" big data management platform, in order to provide useful references and guidance for the work of government-related management departments.


Big Data, Precision Poverty Alleviation, Critical Success Factors, Strategic Objectives Integration and Transformation