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The Real Problems and Path Analysis of Teacher Excellence Training

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DOI: 10.25236/ehmit.2023.054


Yuxuan Zheng

Corresponding Author

Yuxuan Zheng


In order to continuously promote the reform of teacher education, improve the quality and level of teacher training, and cultivate excellent teachers to achieve "better education", the Ministry of Education has launched the "Excellent Teacher Training Program". However, in the process of training excellent teachers, we are facing the difficulties of ambiguous objectives of teacher training, low quality of teacher training students in general, difficulties in learning to apply, and the disconnection between theory and practice. Therefore, we should improve the level of teacher excellence training by reasonably positioning the objectives of teacher excellence training, optimizing the source of teacher trainees and dynamic evaluation, and relying on curriculum optimization, which can improve the quality of teacher excellence.


Teacher Excellence, Teacher Excellence Training, Training Path