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Some Thoughts on Scientific Research Work in NCO Academy

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DOI: 10.25236/ehmit.2023.053


Jianhui Wei, Wei Bian, Liguo Tan

Corresponding Author

Jianhui Wei


This paper deeply analyzes the orientation and characteristics of scientific research work in NCO academies after the reform of military colleges and universities, and comprehensively sorts the prominent contradictions existing in current scientific research work, such as not strong systematic research, low level research results, unreasonable talent team, and inadequate rules and regulations. The study proposed specific solutions such as adhering to organizational leadership, deepening task research, improving the quality of results, promoting the construction of talent teams, and strengthening the construction of rules and regulations. It provides reference for further enhancing the overall innovation ability of scientific work, giving full play to the functional role of scientific research, and promoting the all-round development of college construction.


NCO Academy, Scientific Work, Thoughts