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The Teaching System Construction of Artificial Intelligence Fusion Discipline Direction of Electronic Information in the Context of New Engineering

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DOI: 10.25236/ehmit.2023.051


Shaojiang Liu, Zhiming Xu, Feng Wang

Corresponding Author

Feng Wang


Amidst the development of the new engineering discipline and the construction of world-class engineering majors, the Electronic Information category has undergone multi-level deepened teaching reforms in this context. Especially with the application of new technologies and the advent of artificial intelligence products based on large language models, a diverse range of applications are flourishing in the market. This not only impacts various aspects of societal life, but also affects the development of education. Engineering majors need to integrate knowledge in the field of artificial intelligence under such an opportunity and drive the advancement of the discipline, playing an active role in guiding the direction of the discipline. A teaching system that is compatible with the integration of AI disciplines under the new engineering background should be constructed, incorporating political ideology education. From various aspects, teaching reforms should be strengthened to enhance the cultivation of high-quality, innovative, and specialized talents.


New Engineering, Electronic Information, Artificial Intelligence, Large Language Models