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"Three Major Pitfalls" and Strategic Research in the Digital Transformation of Consumer Goods Enterprises

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DOI: 10.25236/ehmit.2023.045


Qingnian Wang, Limiao Chen

Corresponding Author

Limiao Chen


Digital transformation has become an important strategy for the development of consumer goods enterprises. However, during this process, they may face three major pitfalls: blind digitalization, mismatch between infrastructure and operations, and misunderstandings and challenges in organizational reform. This paper analyzes the reasons behind the formation of these pitfalls through literature and case studies of digital transformation in consumer goods companies, proposing corresponding strategies. To avoid these pitfalls, consumer goods companies need to set clear and quantifiable business goals, select appropriate digital applications based on their actual situation, and conduct top-level design and planning to build a closed-loop business using underlying data. Furthermore, talent introduction and cultivation must be strengthened to establish a digital culture.


Digital Transformation; Consumer Goods Companies; Research on Strategy