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The Educational Value Enlightenment of Children's Experience from the Perspective of Embodied Cognition

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DOI: 10.25236/ehmit.2023.035


Mengyao Liu

Corresponding Author

Mengyao Liu


In the field of education, children's experience is faced with the situation of separation, ignoring the value of the body to the experience of children. Children's experience is based on the original experience and generated through the active construction of the body's interaction with others and the environment. Children's body injects new vitality into the generation of their experience. The existence of children's body can reshape the physical and mental unity of children's experience, give children subjectivity in the experience and deepen the educational experience of children's growth. Therefore, explore the educational value of children's experience based on the perspective of embodied cognition, explore the construction of knowledge in children's experience, the learning situation in children's experience, and the teaching pursuit in children's experience.


Embodied Cognition, Children's Experience, Educational Value, Inspiration