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Analysis of Factors Affecting College Students' Employment in Post-epidemic Era —A Case Study of 2023 Graduates of Tianjin Agricultural University

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DOI: 10.25236/ehmit.2023.033


Ziya Guo, Yi Li, Jie Zhang

Corresponding Author

Ziya Guo


In the difficult situation of employment, the recent three years of epidemic prevention and control makes the employment problem more severe, the employment of college graduates has also had a huge impact. Employment is the most important part of people's livelihood. Guaranteeing the employment of college students is an important guarantee for improving people's livelihood and stabilizing the healthy development of social economy. In this paper, the structural equation model is used to analyze the collected results of the questionnaire, and the four main subjects of the government, college students, enterprises and colleges as the research object, to analyze the main factors affecting the employment of college graduates, and put forward the relevant countermeasures to promote the employment of college students in the post-epidemic era.


College Students' Employment, Structural Equation Model, Post-pandemic Era