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Comparative Analysis of Chinese and British AI Research —Based on the Bibliometric Perspective

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DOI: 10.25236/ehmit.2023.032


Quanxin Su, Chengxin Huang, Chenghuan Huang, Quanhong Jiang

Corresponding Author

Quanxin Su


The development of artificial intelligence technology has increasingly attracted the attention of Chinese and British scholars and become a hot research topic in the academic circles. In order to better understand the current situation and development trend of China and the U.K. in the field of AI , bibliometric methods are adopted to sort out and analyze the basic characteristics and research topics of AI research in China and the U.K.. The study found that the theme of domestic AI research focuses on biology, medicine, materials and internet. The theme of artificial intelligence research in the British academic field focuses on management,medicine, algorithm and chemistry. Further, the commonness and differences of British and Chinese AI research are analyzed from the aspects of research content, research type and theoretical basis.


Artificial Intelligence, China, England, Bibliometric