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Design of an Infusion Rate Control System Based on Single Chip Microcomputer

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DOI: 10.25236/iceeecs.2018.050


Qinzhu Wang

Corresponding Author

Qinzhu Wang


Infusion is a common used treatment method in hospitals. Traditional infusion methods have various shortcomings, the infusion speed cannot be controlled, and people need to keep an eye on droplets. Thus, an automatic infusion control device is designed to replace the traditional infusion mode. The purpose of this paper is to control infusion speed through detecting liquid levels in drip tubes through infrared light, and demonstrate the infusion process clearly. The infusion rate can be detected and controlled automatically or manually through the buttons. The integrated communication, namely the control and data transmission between the master station and slave stations is also realized. When abnormal conditions occur, warning light in LED of lower computer will illuminate; electronic communicator will ring. Afterwards, RS232 will response and send the signals to upper computer. When the upper computer receives the signal, the electronic communicator will alarm. The functions of this product must be accurate and stable. The design in this paper theoretically implements expected ideas and points out future research directions and priorities.


Single chip microcomputer, sensor, stepping motor, can bus, PC, keyboard.