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Research on the Method of Realizing "Taking Graduate Students as the Center" in Case Study

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DOI: 10.25236/ehmit.2023.024


Xinwen Chen, Xin Gao, Yanxiang Zhang

Corresponding Author

Xin Gao


When carrying out case study, in order to implement the concept of "taking graduate students as the center", there are significant differences between the preparation and teaching methods of teachers and the traditional "taking teacher as the center" study: In the preparation stage, teaching design and corresponding teaching preparations should be carried out in accordance with the goals and requirements of graduate students to complete the expected learning tasks, starting from their cognitive process, and following the four stages of "learning - applying - researching - comprehending"; When conducting "case discussions", the class should be organized around guiding graduate students to complete the three basic tasks of "sorting out case scenarios", "clarifying difficult situations", and "exploring solutions", gradually creating the class as a scene for "case occurrence" and "case handling"; When conducting "extended study", the basic procedure of "summarizing experiences and lessons - reference and enlightenment - understanding of theoretical points" should be followed to guide graduate students to implement full divergent thinking based on special and typical situations of the case study.


Teaching Methods, Case Study, Taking Graduate Students as the Center