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Analysis of Electronic Commerce Data Mining Technology Based on Cloud Computing

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DOI: 10.25236/ehmit.2023.023


Kai Xiao

Corresponding Author

Kai Xiao


EC(Electronic Commerce) is the engine of the future economy and the best way for enterprises to show their images and products to the world in an all-round way, find partners and expand sales scale. Effective organization and utilization of EC information enables customers to find truly valuable information and knowledge from a large amount of complex information. DM(data mining) technology originates from data warehouse technology. Nowadays, the information structure of EC is developing towards the direction of large amount of information and complex information structure. The huge amount of commodity information buries the available information, which leads to the lower utilization efficiency of commodity information by EC enterprises and makes it difficult to develop relationships with customers. In this paper, the massive data analysis solution based on cloud computing (CLO) platform is applied to EC. The super-large server cluster of CLO has super computing power, and cloud storage has powerful storage capacity, data analysis capacity and data management capacity, which together constitute a favorable foundation for the development and application of massive DM, improve the capacity of massive DM and business intelligence analysis, and achieve high-performance computing at a lower cost to meet the business needs of EC.


Cloud Computing, Electronic Commerce, Data Mining