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Research on the Communication Strategies of Intangible Cultural Heritage in the New Media Era: A Case Study of the Sisters Festival in Southeast Guizhou

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DOI: 10.25236/ehmit.2023.019


Qingnian Wang, Shuyu Long

Corresponding Author

Shuyu Long


With the advent of the new media era, intangible cultural heritage is facing unprecedented difficulties as well as new opportunities in inheritance and dissemination. In the continuous practice, intangible cultural heritage has accumulated experience in the application of new media. Taking Qiandongnan Sisters Festival in Guizhou, China as an example, this paper analyses the communication characteristics of intangible cultural heritage in the new media environment, and on the basis of the analysis of its communication status, puts forward strategic and provide reference for relevant departments to make decisions.


New Media, Intangible Cultural Heritage, Communication Strategy