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Study on Classification and Grading Teaching System for Computer Science and Programming Course

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DOI: 10.25236/ehmit.2023.018


Hao Wu

Corresponding Author

Hao Wu


According to the problems existing in the teaching practice of computer education for undergraduates, and aiming at the cultivation of top-notch innovative talents, this paper deeply studies and constructs the Classification and Grading Teaching System for "Computer Science and Programming" series of courses. The teaching system takes classified cultivation and individualized teaching as the breakthrough point, implements scientific course classifying and grading according to the natural knowledge level and major developing requirements of students. It accurately sets course classification and grading teaching objectives, adopts online and offline hybrid teaching methods to fully integrate teaching and learning. In addition, the teaching system uses project-driven teaching method to improve students' ability to solve problems and innovate, and establishes formative curriculum assessment system. Teaching practice shows that the Classification and Grading teaching system can obviously improve the teaching quality and student satisfaction, which can be used as a useful reference for the teaching reform of other courses in computer education for undergraduate.


Classification and Grading Teaching, Online and Offline Hybrid Teaching, Project-driven Teaching