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The Value Connotation, Operation Mechanism, and Promotion Path of the "School-Enterprise Ecosystem" in Private Schools from the Perspective of Symbiotic Theory

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DOI: 10.25236/ehmit.2023.017


Rong Wang, Qianying Zou

Corresponding Author

Qianying Zou


The "School-Enterprise Ecosystem" is a new paradigm of harmonious coexistence and collaborative education and industry integration based on symbiotic theory. The symbiotic theory originated in biology, and its core idea is the relationship between different species achieving mutual benefits through interaction, which is in line with the connotation of the "School-Enterprise Ecosystem". From the perspective of symbiotic theory, the operation mechanism of the "School-Enterprise Ecosystem" includes the interaction mechanism of symbiotic units, the construction mechanism of symbiotic modes, and the strengthening mechanism of the symbiotic environment. The promotion path for the construction of the "School-Enterprise Ecosystem" is the symbiotic integration of multiple teaching and service coexistences through the "integration-symmetry-reciprocity" principle. By promoting the generation and transmission of energy in the "School-Enterprise Ecosystem", achieving the sharing of achievements, and creating a good symbiotic environment, the construction of the "School-Enterprise Ecosystem" can be promoted.


School-Enterprise Ecosystem, Symbiotic Unit, Symbiotic Mode, Symbiotic Environment