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Exploration and Practice of Ideological and Political Courses in Medical Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

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DOI: 10.25236/ehmit.2023.014


Xiaolong Wang, Han Gao, Lin Li

Corresponding Author

Lin Li


Developing ideological and political construction of courses is of great significance to colleges and universities. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology is the basic and main course in the curriculum system of medical colleges and universities. Its curriculum connotation and knowledge points contain the close relationship between natural science and ideological and political essentials. This paper takes the classroom teaching of Medical Biochemistry and Molecular Biology as an example, relying on the Wisdom Tree platform and combining online and offline teaching, the "curriculum ideological and political" content is integrated into the curriculum, striving to improve the quality of classroom ideological and political teaching and stimulate students' interest in learning, which is reflected in daily classroom teaching and open online teaching.


Curriculum Ideological and Political Education, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Medicine, Material Library