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A Philosophical Inquiry of Personal Happiness in Promoting Rural Vitalization

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DOI: 10.25236/ehmit.2023.011


Qing Luo, Xiaojian Ni, Haifei Wang

Corresponding Author

Haifei Wang


The materialist dialectics of Marxism has been applied effectively to manifest the personal happiness as a system. The system structure of personal happiness has 3 categories: the core, the 2 aspects and the 2 layers. And the system elements of personal happiness are concluded as 5 sorts, i.e. the univer-sal self-concept, the individual self-concept, the subjective well-being, the objective well-being to-gether with the interaction of the soul and the flesh. Each element functions respectively in mutual synergy in the personal happiness system, which can be applied in the personal life, national life, and can even be consulted by ChatGPT for systematic guidance.


Self-Concept, Materialist Dialectics, Personal Happiness, Subjective Well-Being, Rural Vitalization, Objective Well-Being