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A Meta-Analysis of the Effect of Augmented Reality Technology on Online Learning

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DOI: 10.25236/ehmit.2023.009


Qi Li, Sijie Wu

Corresponding Author

Qi Li


Augmented Reality (hereinafter referred to as AR) combines the real world with the virtual world to provide online learners with a multi-dimensional interactive platform of real situations and immersive experience for online students, which has become the focus of online education research. However, the existing research has not yet formed a unified conclusion on the impact of AR and online learning effect. In order to explore whether the application of AR in online learning is effective for students' learning, the research adopts the meta-analysis method and selects 15 relevant empirical studies at home and abroad to carry out quantitative analysis. The results show that AR has a positive role in promoting students' online learning effect to a moderate degree, which can improve students' online learning effect; AR is significantly different in different grades, which is more suitable for online learning of students in higher grades. Based on the results of meta-analysis, the research puts forward suggestions from the application level of AR technology in order to give full play to the positive role of AR technology and promote the further development of online learning.


Augmented Reality Technology, Online Learning, Learning Effect, Meta-Analysis