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Analysis on the Specialty Construction of Higher Vocational Colleges under the “1+X” Certificate System

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DOI: 10.25236/ehmit.2023.008


Ying He, Fang Liu

Corresponding Author

Ying He


“The Implementation Plan of National Vocational Education Reform” clearly defines vocational education as type education, and designs a system of "academic certificate + Vocational skill grade certificate" (i.e. “1+X” certificate system) for this type of education. “1+X” certificate system, being a basic system for guiding vocational education activities in the future, is an important mechanism for connecting the development trend of science and technology with market demand, and is also an institutional guarantee for deepening the integration of industry and education and school-enterprise cooperation. since the country launched the “1+X” certificate system pilot,Relevant departments and universities responded positively. As a new vocational education evaluation system, the “1+X” certificate system will inevitably bring about the reform of personnel training mode in vocational education. This paper, focusing on professional construction which is considered as the "ballast stone" of talent training, analyzes the new structure of vocational specialty construction based on “1+X” certificate system.


“1+X” Certificate System; Higher Vocational Colleges; Specialty Construction